Our people typically are ex-practitioners with deep industry expertise and knowledge. We pride ourselves on getting involved and deeply engaged, not just advising but doing.

Our team is drawn from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines but they all share a very similar profile in they have all held roles “in the business” before joining Athito. Typically a team-member has had over 10 years working within an insurer or broker and another 10 years advising on their specific discipline.

We provide resources to act either as an interim manager on a long term deployment through to short, specific assignments or research initiatives. Resource profiles range between a single consultant a few days a week providing particular guidance and advice through to full time project teams of 30+ undertaking large change initiatives.

Most importantly because we have experience in both implementation projects but also in the day-to-day running of an insurance business we know what actually works in practice, not just what sounds effective.

We are a hands-on business, and take pride in running your business with the same care and diligence we run our own.

8 of the last 10 managing agencies worked with us to gain regulatory approval. Our wider services support leading insurance groups and over 20 Lloyd's managing agencies.

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