The Project

System selection for a Lloyd’s managing agent

Our Solution

By using previously developed requirements and the Athito team’s market knowledge we shortcut the requirements gathering process and swiftly moved to Request For Information (RFI) and Request For Proposal (RFP) with a number of qualified vendors.

Our approach enabled the user community to clearly focus on their core requirements whilst still producing a holistic assessment of the solution


A traditional approach to vendor selections typically includes work-shopping requirements with the business community on whiteboards in all-day sessions, to develop a long and detailed wish-list and requirements catalogue. Unfortunately this “blank sheet of paper” approach encourages unwanted behaviours, including:

Our approach shortcuts documenting the “basic” functionality and instead focuses on the differentiators and unique values of the organisation enabling a more precise and targeted requirements catalogue to be defined. A smaller requirements catalogue also enables the business community to focus on what’s important.

We have selected and implemented numerous systems for insurers, MGAs and Brokers

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