The Project

To support a business requirement to deliver regulatory and management reporting; data dictionary; data lineage and interfacing to other downstream systems

Our Solution

With substantial experience implementing and running data warehouse solutions, whether in-house builds or vendor packages we brought deep practitioner level knowledge to the selection.

We defined a requirements set that covered not just warehouse functionality but numerous supporting functions such as data mapping; business plan loads; Syndicate Business Forecast (SBF) outputs; incorporating Reserving Data and IBNR as well as the definition of the Lloyd’s reporting requirements.

We were also able to define the required set of exception reports and business rules for data loads and daily checks to ensure the preferred solution was fit for purpose.


Our practitioner level knowledge enabled a requirements set to be developed quickly and efficiently and also to ensure that there were no gaps in functionality or misunderstood expectations.

We support the selection and implementation of all the systems needed to run an insurance business

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